Solidarity with Brooklyn Youth Resisting Police Violence!

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Demonstrators face-off against police during a protest against the police shooting of Kimani Gray, March 13, 2013 in the East Flatbush neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Numerous arrests were made during the police crackdown on this protest.

16-year-old Kimani Gray was shot and killed by police on March 9, provoking unrest in the neighborhood. Gray was shot in the back and had committed no crime.


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2 of the 3 Grand Jury Resisters in the NW to be Released!

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From the Committee Against Political Repression:

As reported by Brendan Kiley (a good man and fine reporter), Matt Duran and Kteeo Olejnik are scheduled to be released from SeaTac FDC tomorrow afternoon.

This is really really really really excellent news! We recommend following the link and reading the entire article.

Don’t forget that Maddy Pfeiffer remains imprisoned. Please continue writing to them and supporting them!

Memphis, TN: March 15th-16th, International Day Against Police Brutality

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Reposted from Black Talk Radio Network

March 15-16 International Protest Against Police Brutality To Be Held In Memphis

The local events will begin on March 15 with a rally at 10 a.m. outside Memphis City Hall, 125 N. Main St. After the rally, protesters will march to police department headquarters at 201 Poplar Ave., where they will conduct a picket line.

On March 16, a community speak-out against police brutality and a mini-conference for activists will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at LeMoyne-Owen College in the Little Theater of the Alma Hanson Student Center, 807 Walker Ave.

The International Day of Action Against Police Brutality began with protests in Montreal, Canada, and in Sweden on March 15, 1997, and since then has been held annually throughout the world. This will be the first observance in Memphis, said JoNina Ervin, the acting chair of the Memphis Black Autonomy Federation, whose Black Autonomy Copwatch program is sponsoring the local events.

Activists from Denver, Colo., Dayton, Ohio, and St. Louis are among those expected to attend, Ervin said.

“Many anti-police brutality activists in the United States know that at least 13 people have been killed by Memphis police officers since 2012,” said Ervin. “This number is one of the highest, if not the highest, number of civilians killed by police in America in the past year.

“Our fellow activists in other cities are outraged by these deaths, and that’s why several are coming to stand in solidarity with us in our fight against police terror, brutality, and corruption in Memphis.”

Black Autonomy Copwatch

c/o Memphis Black Autonomy Federation

P.O. Box 16382 – Memphis, TN 38186-0382

(901)674-8430 –

RVA Solidarity Actions to be announced soon.

New Zine Online: Betrayal-A Critical Analysis of Rape Culture in Anarchist Subcultures

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Betrayal – readabletumblr_mi4orrgVDI1qbu7nuo1_500

From the Introduction:

“We would be rightly criticized for focusing so heavily on the
anarchist milieu, which of course most survivors will not identify with. But
we saw little use in trying to extend ourselves beyond our own experiences
in the hopes of becoming more “relevant”. It is also our hope that an
anarchist analysis of both Power and struggle provide a useful framework
for deconstructing the functioning of Rape Culture, and could perhaps
provide insight even to those who are unfamiliar with the anarchist
subculture. It is our belief that the dynamics we described will be echoed in
other milieus as well. “

Highly recommended reading. A hard copy will be made available at the Library when a printable version surfaces, until then, here is the readable .pdf.

Public Housing Residents in Need of Solidarity Next Week!

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The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s (RRHA) Board of Commissioners will be meeting with the Mayor and other City officials on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at Center Stage, the Gottwald Playhouse, 600 E. Grace St., Suite #400, Richmond, Virginia 23219.

The meeting is to discuss Comprehensive Neighborhood Revitalization and Public Housing Transformation Strategies – Phase I.

For more information contact the RRHA Office of Public Relations and Marketing at (804) 780-4936 / (TDD- DIAL 711)

Please turn out to this! Demand 1 for 1 replacement! Show Richmond’s City Gov’t that the Richmond Community will not stand for anything less!

Author of Soon to be Released Book to Speak at the Flying Brick

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For publicity purposes only, no press at the event itself. See contacts below for further information.

On Friday, February 15th, at 6 PM, Alexis Zeigler will conduct host slideshow and discussion titled:

Living Without Fossil Fuel

Living free of fossil fuel and corporate dependence. Taking charge of our future. Find out how.

How do peak oil, climate change, and the limits of growth affect abortion rights, income equality, and civil liberty? The presentation will examine the hidden connections between ecology, economics, politics, and social justice, and how to use those connections to effect real, long-lasting change.

Human cultures evolve in responses to changes in ecological and economic circumstance. Thus changes in the supply of soil and oil have impacts on our politics, or social structure, and ultimately on our religion and moral attitudes. These facts are very well documented in the anthropological and historical record, yet these same facts serve to undermine the importance of academic, religious and political leaders as agents of change through history, thus they are largely ignored.

We are capable of understanding our own cultural evolution in a whole new way. We can create a social movement that links changes in ecological sustainability to effective changes in community organization and personal attitudes. The tools are in our hands. All we need do is to close our fingers around them. Alexis Zeigler will conduct a presentation and discussion about practical technologies and political strategies that will allow us to consciously choose our own future.

Alexis is the author of a book, Integrated Activism: Applying the Hidden Connections between Ecology, Economics, Politics, and Social Progress (North Atlantic Books, August, 2013).

Kassia Arbabi  434-806-9241
Alexis Zeigler  434-409-6006

Taking the First Step: Suggestions to People Called Out for Abusive Behavior

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We printed up some copies of this oldie but goodie zine on what to do when you’re called out for abusive behavior. There has been a lot of discussion around recent events and people associated with punk and activist circles in Richmond being called out for abusive behavior. We hope this might contribute to that conversation in a productive way.

We’d recommend anyone read this, whether they have ever been called out for abuse or not.

To download your own printable copy, click here: 2009.05 wispy cockles first step.indd_



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