On the Brick’s inactivity, and plans for the future

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The Flying Brick Library has certainly seen more active days. There has been a lot going on in the lives of our house and our community, and awhile all of us have been staying very active, the Library itself has has fallen into neglect. As anyone paying attention to this blog or our Facebook page can tell, the library has been basically closed for 2 years. We still occasionally host an event or meeting, lend chairs and our projector out, and we still open the library for people when they request an appointment, but humble little house spaces like us have largely seen a decline across the country, and we are not exempt to that trend.

Moving forward, we hope you will continue to check our Facebook page for updates on whats been happening that is interesting to radical folks in Richmond, VA and the surrounding area. A lot has been happening regarding our fellow residents of Central VA. Plans to further gentrify Shockoe Bottom with a minor league baseball stadium have officially been defeated (for now), and there are community meetings taking place to work on a counter proposal to preserve the area in a way that honors the people who brutalized, bought, and sold in that area, and to those who resisted. The fight against Neo-Confederates has intensified across the South, with vandalism, marches, the #noflagginchallenge hashtag, and various other forms of resistance. The battle against the police doesn’t seem to be calming down either, with multiple small uprisings and disruptive protests across the country just since the anniversary of Mike Brown’s murder in Ferguson, MO last year.

As for the library, there are some big plans in the works for the next year. We can’t say much now, but we will definitely be posting updates when we can! We are super excited!

As always, we send love and rage to all those friends and future friends in struggle.

In solidarity,

The Flying Brick Library



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URGENT: Support the Freedom Struggle in Kobane!

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from Denver Anarchist Black Cross:

For more than a year, thousands of volunteer fighters have been defending the autonomous revolution of Rojava (located in former Northern Syria) from the Islamic State (ISIS). Since this past July the North Syrian city of Kobanê, in the central canton of the Autonoumous territory of Rojava, has been under siege by ISIS. ISIS fighters, armed with modern U.S. manufactured tanks, artillery, and small arms have been held at bay by volunteer fighters affiliated with the militias of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) armed with dated small arms and improvised weapons.

Tens of thousands of residents of Kobanê, mostly ethnic Kurds, have been forced to flea to neighboring Turkey, made refugees in a country that has historically persecuted and oppressed them.

Hundreds of Kurdish volunteers have crossed the border from Turkey to help aid in the defense of Kobanê. Turkish soldiers and police have attacked those volunteers and observers, including international media, with teargas and batons, in attempts to seal off the border and prevent aid from reaching those struggling to hold the city against ISIS.

In response, anarchists from the Turkish anarchist organization, Revolutionary Anarchist Activity (Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet, DAF) have joined the efforts to keep the border open, as well as support those struggling in Kobane and those made refugees from the fighting. DAF members are taking part in guarding the border against ISIS movements in and out.

Funds are urgently needed to support their work, especially to aid in the efforts to provide material aid for those who have been displaced by the conflict and forced to flee to Turkey.

We, as international allies of Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet, call on all who see affinity with those struggling and suffering in and around Kobane to help assist in these efforts. No amount is too small or too large. All funds raised will be sent directly to the DAF to be used as needed in their efforts.

In solidarity,
Denver Anarchist Black Cross (Denver ABC)
Denver Community Defense Committee (DCDC)

To sign on to this call, please email johnbrown@riseup.net

– See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/other/support-the-freedom-struggle-in-koban-/244580#sthash.8iWE4Aa3.dpuf

Library Appointments!

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We here at the Flying Brick are sad to have to inform you all that we will be closing official open hours. Our volunteer capacity is way down, and with everything else that has been happening, conflicts around the world escalating and drawing us all onto new things, as well as less of a demand for books, we can’t keep our doors open on a regular basis.


As long as the Flying Brick Library exists as a house this resource will be available for anyone who needs it. That is why we heavily encourage you all to get in touch with us if you want to come by and check books out, or have an event that needs a space, or a group that wants a comfy meeting space! It is our belief that personal contacts and relationships have always meant more anyway. Please check the updated contact info to the right for how to get in touch and make an appointment with us!

Contact by email:


Contact via phone:

Ellen: 912-541-4234

Nathan: 804-577-7656


Keep Struggling, See you in the Streets!

Mentally ill North Carolina inmate held in solitary confinement dies of thirst

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A Call for Support from Anarchist Prisoner Michael Kimble

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The Richmond Powerstructure is Fracturing

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So, there has been a ton of buzz in the media and across the city this week regarding developments around the Shockoe Stadium plan and the crumbling public schools. There have been ever changing reports coming from city council, the mayors office, developers, and others. Its all a little confusing, but what we have taken away from things is that the chaos internally regarding the corporate developers and the city is a sign that things on their side are beginning to fall apart. WE ARE WINNING. Another group of developers announced an alternative plan for a stadium on Boulevard instead of in Shockoe, and combined with the actions of public school students organizing against horrible conditions in the school system*, the powers that be have been thrown into a frenzy.

Friends at the Alliance For Progressive Values have done a really good synopsis of the developments over the past week, and so instead of trying to duplicate work thats already been done, we suggest you check it out here, on their blog:



Love and Rage!

*please visit the Facebook page, Presence RPS, to submit photos of poor conditions in the schools. This is an ongoing effort by some of the students to bring awareness to the conditions of the schools. Please include the name of the school where the picture was taken. You are welcome to submit anonymously.


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These pamphlets showed up on our porch this morning:


A Solidarity Letter From a Few Anarchists

To the students who walked out on April 28th:

First and foremost, wow. We could not be more impressed. Your actions and ability to articulate your reasons for acting have been inspiring and reinvigorating for all of us who might see something of ourselves in your struggle. Only a few of us knew about your plans to walkout, but once it happened the buzz did not stop. People are still talking about it. Our hats are off to you!

Why are we writing you?

You might ask, why? Why do these anonymous weirdos that call themselves “anarchists” want to write an open letter to public school students? Who are these people? What do we have in common?

Those of us that discussed your actions and decided to write this letter can’t speak for everyone, but we can touch on some common ideas that we think reflect at least the general sentiment that is felt, not just by “anarchists”, but by many folks who were inspired by what you did.

Richmond is fed up. Residents of this city are tired of the ever expanding push of developers and other capitalists to control and shape this city into a playground for the upper classes and tech elite. This can be seen in the poor funding and maintenance of schools, the increasing presence of police and criminalization of youth (see: Targeted Enforcement Zone), the funding for sports stadiums and economic initiatives that do not benefit the people who live in the immediate area, the crackdown on DIY and self-made cultural spaces through alliances like CAPS, the noise ordinances, the leasing of public spaces like Monroe Park, the harsher and harsher penalties for petty vandalism and of course, the building of a new jail…. *ahem*, ”Justice Center.”

Mayor Jones wants a Tier One City

This reflects a trend in hundreds of cities across the country. This is coded language. The image brought to mind, and in their countless powerpoint presentations, is one of an urban “Downtown Short Pump”. One that is sterile, overwhelmingly white, rich, and suburban. We are forced to imagine the city we love as a breeding ground for khaki shorts wearing young professionals that only consume culture, and never create it. Never participating but always observing, policing, and obeying. This is not what has made Richmond a place that so many different people love to live in.

Keep Struggling!

As we are sure you know, this is not over. The pillars of power are being shaken in this former Capitol of the Confederacy. Your actions have not only driven the public eye to look deeper into the problems of the school system, but your connecting of the issues around the Stadium Plan have propelled that struggle forward as well. The Mayor and City Council are on the defensive. They can only look like fools in the face of pointed and articulate criticism from the school students they supposedly care so much about.

We want to meet you!

We have heard rumors that you were threatened with “consequences” for taking action, and we want to offer our solidarity and aid in any fight against repression you may end up facing. We want to meet you. We work and play in this city as well, and it isn’t hard to find us. We are your neighbours. You may already know some of us. This is an open invitation to you: come find us at shows, libraries, cooperatives, art studios, protests, coffee shops, corner stores, and parks.

After you graduate, whether you go off to college, move to a different city, or whatever path you walk, don’t forget what you have already won. Take the skills you have learned in this struggle elsewhere and keep fighting. These same forces that are keeping your schools in disrepair are doing similar things in every corner of the world. You have joined a tradition and a struggle that is international and stretches throughout history. 

We welcome you! We are so happy to see you!

So often we look to struggles elsewhere to be inspired and feel connected, and your actions have reminded us to look in our own backyards. We applaud you. We thank you. We can’t wait to meet more of you.

In love and rage,

Some Friendly Neighbourhood Anarchists

Nazis At the Easter Parade?

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Nazis At the Easter Parade?

photo by a local anti-fascist. Please keep an eye out. After being confronted about a small “SS” tattoo, they lifted their shirts to reveal swastikas on their chest and gave the fascist salute.

Don’t Reform Prisons, Abolish Them

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