The Flying Brick at May Day!

Our friend Jeb sent us a May Day card, with these words:

Today we live under the black shadow of capitalism. Our governments fail to protect us. Instead they sell out to the corporations and actively collaborate with them. Meanwhile we suffer. We feel alone and powerless, wondering what one person can do against massive corporations which have enslaved whole nations. But remember that others have faced similar challenges and won.

During the Second World War the people of France, like much of Europe, lay defenseless under the Nazi jackboot. Their government failed to protect them. It quickly surrendered, and actively collaborated with the invaders. Meanwhile the people suffered. They felt alone an powerless. Who could blame them? After all, what can one person do against armies that have crushed whole nations? But then on Armistice Day, the people of Paris gathered in a spontaneous demonstration against their oppressors. Among the crowds they saw their friends, their neighbors and their coworkers. Among the crowds they found each other and discovered they were not alone. Together they found strength to survive the occupation. They found the will to resist their oppressors and they won their freedom.

I tell you this story so that we may learn from their example. Today is May Day! Look among those gathered here today. Find your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Find each other and discover that you are not alone. Find your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Find each other and discover that you are not alone. Together, we can find strength to survive the long years of capitalist occupation that lay ahead of us. And together we can find the will to resist and win our freedom.

Love and Solidarity,


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photos by Greg Wells, Jake Cunningham, and others. view more at!

An estimated 250 to 300 workers, teachers, and students took the streets this past Sunday.  This was the largest and most diverse May Day yet in Richmond, and we hope it keeps getting better with each year!


~ by flyingbrickrva on May 6, 2011.

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