Put This in Your Gun! Radical Queer Literature Reading

Join us out back of the Flying Brick Library for a radical queer literature reading on Tuesday, June 7th at 7pm. Should be an amazing event! These are old friends of radicals in the city, so it should be a great time of reuniting old friends and making new ones!


Readings by:
Michelle Embree, Tennessee Jones (formerly of Richmond and 325 House) and Ammi Emergency

Put This in Your Gun is a touring reading series featuring the playwright Michelle Embree and fiction writers Tennessee Jones and Ammi Emergency. Embree’s memoir, By the Skin of These Words, shows us that by unlocking the secret rooms of personal terror we reveal the ubiquity of trauma, gain the wisdom to mourn it, and the power to resist it. Jones’s novel in progress, In the Shadow of the Valley, explores the legacy of sundown towns and the effects of coming of age in a place where everyone is white, not by accident, but by violent design. Ammi Emergency’s interconnected stories about the year after Hurricane Katrina show the human costs of disaster capitalism.

By examining the often-unseen intersections of personal experience, social reality and the current political climate, the work of these writers explores how we are spiritually affected by violence and inequality, whether it’s in our living rooms or halfway across the world. The purpose of this series is to reaffirm the need for art that considers how power and politics shape our lives in a world where news is too often fiction, and literature willfully oblivious of its own context.

MICHELLE EMBREE is author of the Lambda Literary Award-nominated Manstealing For Fat Girls, a young adult novel populated by teen-rebels questioning what freedom can even mean when everyone really is out to get you. Hand Over Fist, winner of the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival Playwriting Prize, is a post-Katrina comedy about grift, Feng-Shui, and the politics of disaster. Embree’s latest work, By The Skin Of These Words, is the grit on writing, resisting, and knowing what we know. And every word is true.

TENNESSEE JONES is the author of the short story collection Deliver Me From Nowhere, a “cover” of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. He publishes the zine Teenage Death Songs, and is the recipient of several fellowships, including awards from the Jacob K. Javits Foundation and the Christopher Isherwood Foundation. He was the George Bennett Fellow at Phillips Exeter Academy in 2010-11, where he continued work on a novel about a small Appalachian town notorious for two brutal incidents: the hanging of an elephant and the expulsion of its entire black population. He was raised in the mountains of East Tennessee and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

AMMI EMERGENCY’s work deals with the intersections between race, class, gender, sexuality and state power. She has published the zine Emergency since 1998 and was a 2008-10 Wallace Stegner Fellow in fiction at Stanford University where she now teaches. Her writing appears in the anthologies Gynomite, Bottoms Up and Stories Care Forgot, and she is currently at work on an interconnected book of stories about war, sex, and corruption—the shock doctrine and its discontents in post-Katrina, New Orleans.

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