Urgent Call for Legal Support!


From the Wingnut Anarchist Collective’s website:

To update on Jeremy’s (pictured above) predicament with the VCU Police:

After the arraignment on Tuesday morning (to which several people from the city showed up in solidarity), Jeremy was released on a $5000 noncommittal bond, and a court case was set for September 27th, at 11 AM. We encourage anyone and everyone who takes umbrage with not only VCU Police, but all police everywhere, to show up to this and any subsequent court cases Jeremy might have to endure. These charges are publicly about a few car tires, but privately there is a deeper trend of police oppression at work. We believe that this trend must be brought to light, and must be talked about openly among all communities in this city, not just those with an anarchist message.

Jeremy is currently exploring other avenues of legal help, and has a couple good leads, but unfortunately a good lawyer for a serious charge is almost never cheap. Jeremy has requested any form of support that interested or sympathetic parties might be willing to donate, be it spreading the word about the case in your home town, sending a kind word or relavent literature to the Wingnut, and of course monetary donations towards legal fees would be greatly appreciated as well (we have a convenient Paypal button on our website… if you tell us exactly where you want your donation to be used, we will make sure it is allocated accordingly.)


Please give your solidarity to Jeremy! Between this, the repression of black youth at First Fridays and in Shockoe Bottom, and the current resurgence of CAPS it is looking like there is an all out war being waged on the youth of this city by the VCUPD and RPD. Personally, I think it is time for action. Richmond Copwatch could use the help monitoring police activities at next month’s First Fridays. But that should just be the beginning…..


– Nathan


my opinions are my own. I do not speak for the Flying Brick or anyone else. But Jeremy does have many friends here.


~ by flyingbrickrva on September 9, 2011.

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