From their website, occupyrva.org:

We Stand Peaceful

Early Monday morning, shortly after 1 am, the Richmond Police Department descended on Kanawha Plaza, where Occupy Richmond has been camped since October 15, 2011.

Shortly after arriving, police cruisers blockaded streets and lines of officers and horses were set up around the borders of our camp.

Richmond Police gave protesters at Occupy Richmond 15 minutes to collect their belongings and vacate Kanawha Plaza. Promptly after the 15-minute waiting period, Richmond Police swarmed the park. All of our property still remaining in the park was confiscated, collected, and designated for disposal. As the city’s dump trucks and front-loaders decimated our community, occupiers forced to watch from across the street joined together to sing the Star-Spangled Banner. We remained nonviolent at all times during the police action against us.

We unofficially account for 10 to 12 arrests. The majority were released with citations around 4 am while the remainder wait patiently at Richmond City Jail until the magistrate can see them.

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~ by flyingbrickrva on November 1, 2011.

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