Flying Brick Librarian Arrested with Others in Chapel Hill

A Flying Brick comrade was arrested last night, along with 7 other activists in Chapel Hill, NC. A group of about 70 activists began occupying a building on West Franklin St in downtown Chapel Hill, following the first Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair.  After the bookfair, many of the attendees decided to march down to the old car dealership, which had been abandoned for almost 10 years, and turn it into a community center. There are plenty of articles on the event, including their own communique linked below.

The police arrested people who had apparently been pinpointed by an informant, some of which were not even at the building at the time the police arrived. The police cited being afraid of “traps” so they sent in their SWAT team, with assault rifles drawn, to break up the group of unarmed activists. The Flying Bricker was outside the building at the time, and it is unclear as of right now why they were arrested.

They are out now, along with the rest of the folks arrested. Their court date is Thursday, so they can’t come back home, and we miss them. They are with friends and comrades in North Carolina, and there were members of 2 other collective houses in Richmond there to yell encouraging things. They send their love to everyone in Richmond, and appreciate your support. We’ll be organizing in solidarity very soon, so keep a look out.

~ by flyingbrickrva on November 14, 2011.

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