William Byrd Community House Hosts “Chickens and YOU Training Series”.

WBCH to Host: Chickens and YOU Training Series

From email announcement:

William Byrd Community House to Host: Chickens and YOU Training Series – Workshop 1

Chickens and YOU Training Series – Workshop 1
Saturday, January 28, 2012 from 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Chickens and YOU Training Series Leading to the

Master Chicken Keeper Certification

Chickens are mascots of the local foods movement. Chickens have skill sets that can be gainfully employed in backyard gardens. This series of courses explores in detail with hand-on, real-life information and discussions that give you practical and effective cutting-edge ways to integrate chickens in with your yard and garden that benefit you, your neighborhood and your community. They can empower urban agriculture, and serve as clucking civic workers to help save BIG TIME local tax-payer dollars. Benefits of using a “Chicken Have-More Plan” are explored. It’s time to “think outside the coop and inside your garden” and these courses show you how.
• Laying Hens 101
• Gardening with Chickens
• Brooding Baby Chicks from Scratch
• Way of the Hen: Using Broody Hens to Incubate and Hatch Eggs Naturally
• Composting with Chicken Helpers
• How to be a Chicken Whisperer
• Eggs-trordinary Eggs! The Chemistry and Science behind Cooking with Eggs
• Coop Construction
• Chicken Tractor Construction
• Processing Birds for Meat
• Roosters 101
• Showing Poultry
• How to Get Chickens Legalized In Your City: Strategies from Across North America
Sponsored by The Gossamer Foundation and Good Earth Publications, Inc.,
and hosted by ChiknEGG Productions, LLC.

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