Hunter Singleton, Richmond area activist, in court today.


“Today in court, Hunter Singleton accepted a plea deal offered by the prosecutor. The spurious charges of possession of a controlled substance had been previously dropped. Today, the prosecutor also dropped the Felony charge of wearing a mask. In exchange, Hunter took an Alford Plea (basically not saying you are guilty but recognizing that there is evidence against you) to a misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct charge. He was given 90 days, with 87 suspended. He had already served 2 days after his arrest, and will serve 1 more day on Friday.

Hunter has over 200 dollars in court fees, and needs help to pay these. Hopefully there will be an upcoming fundraiser, but in the mean time, if you just want to donate a few dollars towards his costs it would be greatly appreciated. Please get in touch if you want to donate money, or if you have an idea or venue or band for a fundraising event! or 2005 Barton Avenue

It is excellent news and a great relief to many of Richmond’s activists, anarchists, and Occupiers that Eric Scott and Hunter Singleton have faired relatively well regarding their charges with resulted from a November 9th Occupy Richmond March. The use of felony charges seems to be a scare tactic by the Richmond Police Department. Participants in the march were using bandannas soaked in vinegar to protect from potential tear gas being used by the RPD (they have a tendency to use tear gas in crowd situations on a fairly regular basis). The felony charge of wearing a mask is a terrible law, and certainly one for anyone participating in political actions to keep in mind. Hopefully one day Virginia will be free of this repressive statute.”

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Hunter, a local anarchist, Copwatch activist, Occupy Richmond participant, and friend of the Flying Brick Library is in court today, facing a class 6 felony mask charge, and disorderly conduct. He was arrested during the November 9th Occupy Richmond Freedom March on Monroe Park. Eric Scott, also arrested during the same march has taken a plea deal with community service, but Hunter has chosen to challenge the charges. We will post an update as soon as we hear. Please keep him in your thoughts.

For more info on the events surrounding Hunter’s case:


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2 Responses to “Hunter Singleton, Richmond area activist, in court today.”

  1. from the tumblr hellnorapists:

    Hunter Singleton of Richmond Virginia, heavily involved in the radical punk community was caught and admitted to sleeping with girls while drunk and never did an accountability process

  2. we were made aware of this a little while ago, by Hunter himself, and a survivor who is a friend of ours. until things are settled (if they ever are), Hunter has been asked not to attend things at the Flying Brick. our priority is always to survivors, and open dialogue with us about IPV (Interpersonal Violence) is encouraged with us at all times.

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