Trayvon Martin and the Richmond African Burial Ground

Last Thursday, there was a vigil held for the 17 year old Florida boy who was murdered by a white nightwatchman, for being suspicious. He was wearing a hoodie and “carrying something in his pocket” which turned out to be a pack of Skittles and an iced tea. Around 300 people turned out, with just a couple days notice, and a Flying Brick resident was able to snap this photograph. The Defenders for Freedom, Justice, and Equality organized the event at the Richmond African Burial Ground, a site that was forgotten and turned into a parking lot, until an almost 20 year long struggle to reclaim it finally won last year.

On Monday, March 26th, in the VCU Commons Plaza, there will be a rally at 7pm. The student organizers are asking people to wear hoodies and hold a bag of Skittles and Sweet Tea in honor of Trayvon. More info can be gotten at the event’s Facebook page, here:

Also on Monday, the African Burial Ground Community Organizing Committee is calling on supporters to show up to the City Council meeting on Monday, March 26, 6pm, in the City Council Chambers, on 900 E. Broad Street. The Slave Trail Commission (a city government committee that manages historic slavery sites in Richmond) is set to deliver a proposal that could eliminate the remaining seats on the commission for community members. Advocates for the Burial Ground have applied to be considered for those seats for years, with no responses, and now the STC is trying to do away with them, citing a lack of interest from the community to be involved. This is absurd and needs to be opposed!

For those that can’t make it to City Council, the VA State NAACP is calling a Press Conference on the issue at 11am. The press conference will be at their offices at 1214 W. Graham Road (behind Virginia Union University). Please, please attend if you can!


~ by flyingbrickrva on March 26, 2012.

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