UPDATED: RVA May Day 2012 Weekend Schedule of Events!

*Compiled by the Wingnut, with some additions (List is still being finalized, so please check back often!):

May Day in Richmond is looking to be the biggest year yet! Since last year, a whole lot has been happening around the world and right here in Richmond, VA. Virginians are facing increasingly intense and repulsive attacks on all facets of the working class. Immigrant people’s workplaces are being raided, women are having an even harder time getting abortions and regular medical care, LGBTQ folks are seeing their spaces increasingly policed and their bodies attacked, and people of color are still being harassed, imprisoned, and gunned down in the street. But through all of the bad, there has been resistance! While all of us face attacks from different angles and in different ways, let us stand together against the power structure that towers over all of us!

In an effort to make this year as broad and active as possible, with out taking too much time away from more immediate struggles, we tried something different. This year will be much more decentralized, but we hope everyone that wants to can attend as many of these events as possible!

Schedule of Events:
(More to come! Please keep checking!)

:::: Wednesday, April 25, 2012: Direct Action Training!
Where: Bainbridge Collective 1300 Brainbridge Avenue | When: 5:30pm (potluck) 6:30pm (training)| Trainer: Jeff Winder | www.waysidecenter.org | www.13ainbridgecollective.tumblr.com

:::: Friday, April 27, 2012: Public Housing Teach-In & Neighborhood Cookout!
Where:1600 Colorado Avenue When: 4:00pm – 7:00pm | http://www.facebook.com/events/123679377755723/

Description: Join RePHRAME and Public Housing Residents for food and a presentation on the issues facing public housing communities and the larger Richmond community, and how they are intertwined.

:::: Friday, April 27, 2012: Pre-May Day Show and Screenprinting!
Wingnut Anarchist Collective, 2005 Barton Ave. When: 7pm-11pm | More Info: [ here ]

Description: Performances by Jake Mayday, Snail Party, My Son the Doctor

:::: Friday April 27, 2012: IWW Worker Solidarity Action
Where: Shuttle from Wingnut Show, 2005 Barton Ave / Meet at Penny Lane Pub When: 11pm – ?

Description:  Show up for details.

:::: Saturday April 28, 2012: Richmond Bicycle Co-Op Open House!
Where: Bike Co-op, 1806 Currie Ave (Near VUU, off Admiral) When: 11am-12:30pm | rvabikecoop.wordpress.com

Description: A Critical Mass Bike Ride will commence at 1:00pm from the Bike Co-op to a destination to be determined.

:::: Saturday April 28, 2012: “Marxism as a Guide to Practical Action” Presentation and Discussion
The Flying Brick Library, 506 S. Pine St. When: 12:00pm

Description: Coffee provided! Bring a breakfast/brunch snack! This is intended as a friendly discussion, not a debate! No extensive theory knowledge required! Hosted by Phil Wilayto

:::: Saturday April 28, 2012: ‘Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology’ & Labor Discussion 
Where: VCU Student Commons, 907 Floyd Avenue — Forum Room When: 7pm-9pm | more info: [ here ]

Description: Join the Richmond Industrial Workers of the World and organizer Daniel Gross as he reads selected stories from ‘Rebel Voice: an IWW anthology’.

After the readings a discussion will be facilitated by Daniel Gross. Gross is a labor lawyer, author and long time organizer with the IWW. Gross is also co-founder of Brandworkers International, a non-profit organization protecting and advancing the rights of food and retail workers . On the issue of workers’ rights, the New York Times has called him, “earnest, articulate, and dogmatic to a flaw…”. A graduate of Fordham Law School, he serves on the executive committee of the National Lawyers Guild Labor and Employment Committee.

:::: Sunday April 29, 2012: LGBTQIA Picnic in the Park!! ♥
3:00pm Where: Monroe Park| Info: [ here ]

Description: Hey y’all we’re going to get together and eat some food, make some banners for the LGBTQIA Block at the MayDay Parade and hang out in the park! This is also a family day in the park and the day they share food with folks. So bring a dish to share (hopefully vegan), bring banner making materials for the LGBTQIA block at the MayDay Parade. We’ll also share stories about what its like in our many different working environments as LGBTQIA folks!! ♥

This will include folks from SONG, Girls Rock! RVA and many other LGBTQIA organizations from Richmond VA! If you would like me to add a group you work with and you plan to be there. Let us know!

:::: Sunday April 29, 2012: A Children’s March for Sharing!
Where: Monroe Park, off Belvidere, near VCU When: 1pm | http://www.facebook.com/events/311420708928652/

Description: Bring materials to help kids make signs and banners, and march through the park! Bring noise makers!

:::: Sunday April 29, 2012: May Day Potluck with Food Not Bombs!
Monroe Park When: 4pm | richmondfoodnotbombs.wordpress.com

Description: Join FNB for their weekly meal that has been happening for 18 years! Bring a vegan dish and friends!

:::: Monday April 30, 2012: May Day Banner Making

Where: The Flying Brick Library, 506 S. Pine St. When: TBA | flyingbrickrva.wordpress.com

:::: Monday April 30, 2012: Live Nude Girls Unite! Film Screening & Discussion
Where: Flying Brick Library, 506 S. Pine St When: 6:30pm | www.livenudegirlsunite.com/index2.html

Description: Members of the Richmond Industrial Workers of the World will be presenting a documentary about strippers unionizing.  Synopsis: This first person documentary follows Julia Query, lesbian/stand-up comedian/peepshow-stripper, and daughter of a feminist activist, on her raucous journey to help organize the only union of strippers in the United States. Shot on a variety of formats, Live Nude Girls Unite! weaves backstage and dancing footage with labor organizing, street protests, stand-up comedy and comic-book style “animation” making an intelligent and dramatic cutting-edge film.

:::: Monday April 30, 2012: Worker’s Social Night!
Where: Commercial Taphouse (Upstairs), 111 N. Robinson St. When: 8pm-10:30pm

Description: On the last Monday of every month the Commercial Tap House plays host to Workers Social Night!  Local, Legend Draft Beers are on tap, and cheap!   Tip Your Server!

:::: Tuesday May 1, 2012: May Day Worker’s Rally & Parade!
Where: Monroe Park, off Belvidere/Main St When: 5:00pm (rally) 6:00pm (parade)

:::: Tusday May 1, 2012: Occupy Your Stomach
Where: 6th & Broad St. When: 7:00pm-ish (after the May Day March)

Description: A potluck  to feed the marchers will be held at Kanawha plaza after the Tuesday May 1st march. The contact number for the event is 703-859-0393.

:::: WednesdayMay 2, 2012: Post- May Day Country/Bluegrass Show
Wingnut Anarchist Collective, 2005 Barton Ave When: 7pm

Description: Love Banshee (Toronto), Pete Hamilton (RVA), Ben Shirley (RVA) All Ages. Sober. Bring some money for the touring band/band merch!

Elizabeth Kates Day Plant Sale

Where: Virginia Correctional Center For Women
2841 River Road West
Goochland, VA 23063

When: 3pm-6pm

ID needed to present went entering the prison.

The Kates Day plant sale is held the first Wednesday of May (this year, May 2), with profits going toward scholarships for inmates pursuing college and nonacademic degrees while serving time, funded by the Elizabeth Kates Foundation. Visitors buy all manner of foliage nurtured by inmates, who can earn certifications in landscaping, nursery care and other career fields through the horticulture program.

They provide scholarships, work programs (horticultural and vocational) and support enabling women to really turn their lives around. They’ve been doing this since the 60’s. Women who go through their program have ZERO percent of recidivism.


Friday, May 4th:::::: VACLAA First Fridays, May Day live Art event!

When: 5pm-9pm     Where: 401 W. Broad St.

VACLAA invites the Richmond community to bring their own favorite quotes from artists, poets, political activists, grandmothers, or their own dog-eared journals on the subject of the power of men and women through work to attain a sense of self worth.



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  3. The occupy your stomach potluck will not be held at kanawha. It will be held at an empty lot at 6th and broad.

  4. yeah, sorry. been busy this weekend! Just found out last night. Should be fixed now. Thanks for lookin’ out!

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