Support Needed for Ashley Williams!

Yet another False Conviction in the Richmond Courts!

For friends in the Richmond area:

Please join us tomorrow morning at the John Marshall Courts Building to support Ashley Williams, a young single mother who is to be sentenced in connection with the tragic death of her 2-year old son. Even though the medical examiner’s office reported the cause of death as “inconclusive,” prosecutors insisted the boy died of malnutrition and neglect. When Ms. Williams’ court-appointed attorney asked a medical expert to review the boy’s medical records, he found no evidence of abuse or neglect and concluded the child likely died from a genetic disorder that simulates malnutrition. The expert was prepared to testify at Ms. Williams’ trial, at no charge, but the attorney was removed from the case. Ms. Williams’ other three children were all healthy, but they were taken from her and placed in the foster care system. Depressed, she pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter without even going to trial and now faces up to life in prison. There were stories of her case in the local papers when she was charged, but none since then.

A coalition of African-American community leaders, including King Salim Khalfani, Sa’ad El-Amin, Marty Jewell and others, has stepped forward to support Ms. Williams. They are calling for people to attend her sentencing hearing, scheduled for 9 am, Wednesday, April 18, before Judge Taylor in Courtroom 302 in the John Marshall Courts Building, 400 N. 9th St., Richmond, VA 23219. The Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality have endorsed the coalition’s efforts and will be at the hearing. Please do your best to help spread the word.

Thanks, Phil Wilayto, for the DefendersFJE


~ by flyingbrickrva on April 18, 2012.

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