Zine Fest Movie Night!

The Flying Brick will be hosting a movie night fundraiser for the Richmond Zine Fest on Tuesday, June 19th at 8pm!

We will sell small bags of popcorn and cupcakes made with care by Becca (one of our newest Richmond Zine Fest organizers and creator of the food zine “‘A Monsterous Appetite for Cake”).

At dusk, we’ll view Grrlyshow by Kara Herold and Occupy America by Mark Strandquist .

Grrlyshow is “an 18 minute explosion of fringe feminism and print media, “Grrlyshow” is a powerful and rebellious message from new voices often left unheard. Filmmaker Kara Herold examines the girly Zine revolution and culture in such a way that the film intellectually and stylistically addresses anyone’s question concerning whether or not feminism has reached its 3rd wave: the postmodern. By interweaving head-shot interviews, clips from the zines and 1950’s television-esque vignettes, Herold clearly illustrates feminism’s ability to exist within a system that generally doesn’t give women their own voice. “Grrlyshow” successfully brings to the surface alternative voices and projects that are vital to the continuation and expansion of feminism.” (http://www.grrlyshow.com/)

Mark’s description of Occupy America:
“The most difficult obstacle facing the occupation movements throughout the United States is not the billy club or mace, nor mass arrests (those have proven to be lightning rods), but rather an inability or at least, an extreme difficulty, in articulating their message(s) to the everyday American. The intention of the film is to create a space where those messages, ideas, critiques, and alternatives can be articulated and experienced in a way that is both clear and digestible. In a distinct, intentional departure from new and mainstream media, the film incorporates long, static portraits of various occupiers while non-sync audio plays underneath. This method is used to convey the movement’s anonymity as well as the collective, ego-less voice of the 99%. No one’s voice will be connected to their own image. Each portrait, containing an occupier staring into the camera, will give human faces to slogans and catchwords, while maintaining the confrontational aspects of their growing movement. My hope is that this will create a patient and meditative experience for the viewer.” http://nomovement.com/

This is a fundraiser for Richmond Zine Fest 2012, coming in early October! All funds will go toward the cost of a venue and other fees involved with planning and publicizing a non-profit event for independent, alternative publishing. Thank you for supporting Richmond Zine Fest!


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