Farewell to Johhny Ray


Our friend and comrade, Johhny Ray, passed away this weekend. Even though he only lived in Richmond for a couple years, he certainly left his mark on many hearts here. He was an incredibly genuine and kind person, who was always willing to tell a good story (no one ever knew how many were actually true), and he was always willing to lend a hand. Johhny could be frequently seen busking in Carytown, wearing a dirty suit and a handle-bar mustache. He was a founding member of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective, an organizer with Richmond Food Not Bombs, and was never a stranger to us here at the Flying Brick. Johhny didn’t put much stock in activism or politics, and never really saw himself as “someone who wanted to change the world”. He always maintained he just wanted to “build shit and be a good person”. His care for the people around him will forever be missed.

Rest In Peace, dear friend.

~ by flyingbrickrva on December 12, 2012.

5 Responses to “Farewell to Johhny Ray”

  1. one time he told me that microwaves were illegal in california and i believed him.

  2. Im gonna miss you little brother.

  3. Rest in peace John. It was really great getting to know you. Only the good die young, my friend.

  4. Johnny Ray saved my life once. I will always thank him and remember him and love him. I am so sad about this…

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