Author of Soon to be Released Book to Speak at the Flying Brick

For publicity purposes only, no press at the event itself. See contacts below for further information.

On Friday, February 15th, at 6 PM, Alexis Zeigler will conduct host slideshow and discussion titled:

Living Without Fossil Fuel

Living free of fossil fuel and corporate dependence. Taking charge of our future. Find out how.

How do peak oil, climate change, and the limits of growth affect abortion rights, income equality, and civil liberty? The presentation will examine the hidden connections between ecology, economics, politics, and social justice, and how to use those connections to effect real, long-lasting change.

Human cultures evolve in responses to changes in ecological and economic circumstance. Thus changes in the supply of soil and oil have impacts on our politics, or social structure, and ultimately on our religion and moral attitudes. These facts are very well documented in the anthropological and historical record, yet these same facts serve to undermine the importance of academic, religious and political leaders as agents of change through history, thus they are largely ignored.

We are capable of understanding our own cultural evolution in a whole new way. We can create a social movement that links changes in ecological sustainability to effective changes in community organization and personal attitudes. The tools are in our hands. All we need do is to close our fingers around them. Alexis Zeigler will conduct a presentation and discussion about practical technologies and political strategies that will allow us to consciously choose our own future.

Alexis is the author of a book, Integrated Activism: Applying the Hidden Connections between Ecology, Economics, Politics, and Social Progress (North Atlantic Books, August, 2013).

Kassia Arbabi  434-806-9241
Alexis Zeigler  434-409-6006

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