New Zine Online: Betrayal-A Critical Analysis of Rape Culture in Anarchist Subcultures

Betrayal – readabletumblr_mi4orrgVDI1qbu7nuo1_500

From the Introduction:

“We would be rightly criticized for focusing so heavily on the
anarchist milieu, which of course most survivors will not identify with. But
we saw little use in trying to extend ourselves beyond our own experiences
in the hopes of becoming more “relevant”. It is also our hope that an
anarchist analysis of both Power and struggle provide a useful framework
for deconstructing the functioning of Rape Culture, and could perhaps
provide insight even to those who are unfamiliar with the anarchist
subculture. It is our belief that the dynamics we described will be echoed in
other milieus as well. ”

Highly recommended reading. A hard copy will be made available at the Library when a printable version surfaces, until then, here is the readable .pdf.

~ by flyingbrickrva on February 18, 2013.

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