The Richmond Powerstructure is Fracturing

So, there has been a ton of buzz in the media and across the city this week regarding developments around the Shockoe Stadium plan and the crumbling public schools. There have been ever changing reports coming from city council, the mayors office, developers, and others. Its all a little confusing, but what we have taken away from things is that the chaos internally regarding the corporate developers and the city is a sign that things on their side are beginning to fall apart. WE ARE WINNING. Another group of developers announced an alternative plan for a stadium on Boulevard instead of in Shockoe, and combined with the actions of public school students organizing against horrible conditions in the school system*, the powers that be have been thrown into a frenzy.

Friends at the Alliance For Progressive Values have done a really good synopsis of the developments over the past week, and so instead of trying to duplicate work thats already been done, we suggest you check it out here, on their blog:


Love and Rage!

*please visit the Facebook page, Presence RPS, to submit photos of poor conditions in the schools. This is an ongoing effort by some of the students to bring awareness to the conditions of the schools. Please include the name of the school where the picture was taken. You are welcome to submit anonymously.

~ by flyingbrickrva on May 10, 2014.

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