On the Brick’s inactivity, and plans for the future

The Flying Brick Library has certainly seen more active days. There has been a lot going on in the lives of our house and our community, and awhile all of us have been staying very active, the Library itself has has fallen into neglect. As anyone paying attention to this blog or our Facebook page can tell, the library has been basically closed for 2 years. We still occasionally host an event or meeting, lend chairs and our projector out, and we still open the library for people when they request an appointment, but humble little house spaces like us have largely seen a decline across the country, and we are not exempt to that trend.

Moving forward, we hope you will continue to check our Facebook page for updates on whats been happening that is interesting to radical folks in Richmond, VA and the surrounding area. A lot has been happening regarding our fellow residents of Central VA. Plans to further gentrify Shockoe Bottom with a minor league baseball stadium have officially been defeated (for now), and there are community meetings taking place to work on a counter proposal to preserve the area in a way that honors the people who brutalized, bought, and sold in that area, and to those who resisted. The fight against Neo-Confederates has intensified across the South, with vandalism, marches, the #noflagginchallenge hashtag, and various other forms of resistance. The battle against the police doesn’t seem to be calming down either, with multiple small uprisings and disruptive protests across the country just since the anniversary of Mike Brown’s murder in Ferguson, MO last year.

As for the library, there are some big plans in the works for the next year. We can’t say much now, but we will definitely be posting updates when we can! We are super excited!

As always, we send love and rage to all those friends and future friends in struggle.

In solidarity,

The Flying Brick Library


~ by flyingbrickrva on August 21, 2015.

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